Academy for Women Entrepreneurs in Hungary

Program: May 2022 – March 2023

Application deadline: 22nd of May, 2022


Q&A Session: 18th of May, 2022 (Facebook link)


About the Program

The Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a female entrepreneurship promotion program that provides women entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and network they need to create and grow your businesses. It enables women from all over the world to deepen your entrepreneurial skills and build your business model, through a facilitated online education program in English and ongoing mentorship.

In 2021 Hungary joined AWE’s global network for the first time through the US Embassy in Budapest in partnership with The Foundation for Sustainable Enterprises, a team that works alongside Impact Hub Budapest.

In 2022 AWE Hungary continues to build its business development framework on the global experience, but the 10-month program is adapted to the local context to best serve the needs of the target group of Hungarian female entrepreneurs, and is supplemented with networking and mentorship opportunities.

“When I started matyodesign, it really made a huge difference that I received support in business planning and continuous, one-on-one mentoring. That’s why I recommend this program!”

Rozi Váczi - Program Ambassador of AWE Hungary

Who can participate?

AWE Hungary is looking for women with unrealized enterprise ideas or whose business is in a very early stage and who are motivated to launch or further build your enterprise.

We intend to recruit 25 women in total from the countryside.(Budapest and Pest county are excluded)

We are looking for you, if you

  • have a business idea or a running business with less than a total of 1 million HUF revenue;
  • are dedicated to commit a total of 7-10 hours per week in a flexible setup to improve your entrepreneurial skills, to develop/fine-tune your business model and to connect with mentors and other would-be entrepreneurs;
  • live and plan to realize the business in both rural and urban areas of Hungary outside of Budapest;
  • are between 25 and 55 years old;
  • have a good understanding of written and spoken English to be able to complete the online course;
  • have access to a computer/tablet.

You can be on your own or part of a team around the business idea. In the later case, the person leading the team needs to apply and fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

What are the benefits of the program?


Online Learning Platform

Access to the online business planning platform Dreambuilder



A dedicated one-on-one mentor to support you in your business planning process



Access to a community of female entrepreneurs with opportunities for peer-to-peer inspiration and learning



The opportunity to pitch your business idea in front of a prominent jury



The chance to get funding to launch or consolidate your business

A total of 20.000 USD will be distributed as a non-refundable grant among the 3-4 most promising entrepreneurs based on your submitted business plans and presentations.

What is the timeline?

For detailed information, read the call for applications.

How to apply?

You can apply to AWE Hungary in two steps:

Download the My Business Idea Form. Take your time to fill it out.

Go to this online application form, fill out some basic data and at the end attach the filled document.

Optional: you can include a link to a maximum 2-minute long video about yourself and your business idea.

Application deadline: 22nd of May (midnight)

What are the selection criteria?

Eligible applications will be assessed towards the following criteria by the organizing partners:

  • Motivation and commitment to participate in the program
  • Viability and innovation of the business idea proposed
  • Preference may be given for business ideas with a positive social or environmental impact
  • There is added value in the program for the participant.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:

There will be an online Q & A session soon in 18th of May at 6:00PM CET. Follow our Facebook Page for all the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply as part of a team?
You can be on your own or part of a team around the business idea. In the later case, the person leading the team needs to apply and fulfill all the eligibility criteria.
Can I apply if I already have an enterprise running?
Yes, AWE accepts entrepreneurs who have started to sell, as long as your total revenue has been less than 1 million HUF (not annually, but altogether).
Can I apply if I don't have any experience?
AWE accepts candidates who have no experience in entrepreneurship or the new field in which they are looking to undertake. The most important is motivation, dedication and the ability to learn from the experience of others.
I have an idea, but it is not yet fully developed, will the program help me to understand if it is viable?
Yes, AWE will help you to see if it is viable, this is a very important part of the program.
Does my idea have to have a social and environmental impact?
The idea does not need to have a social and environmental impact as the main motivation, although it is an advantage in the selection process.
How much time do I need to spend on the program?
AWE is looking for female entrepreneurs available to spend at least 7 hours a week on this immersive experience, if they want to see their enterprise succeed.
I don't have a computer or tablet or I don't have access to the internet, can I still participate in this program?
It will be preferable to have your own resources, but please get in touch directly by sending an email and we will see if it is possible to find a solution for your specific situation.
I live in Budapest/ Pest county, but I have a business idea that would be implemented in the countryside. Can I still apply?

AWE Hungary is for women living outside of Budapest and Pest country. However, if the business will be implemented in Hungary outside of Budapest, please contact us and explain your situation.

I do not have a language certificate in English. Can I still apply?
Yes. As long as you have a good understanding of English, you will be able to understand the Dreambuilder course. You do not need to have a certificate.
I do not speak or write in English. Can I still apply?
No, the Dreambuilder platform will be our basic working tool, if you don’t have a good understanding of English, you won’t be able to follow the platform’s steps and build your business plan.
I do not speak Business English. Can I still apply?
Yes. Your mentor will be there to help you with understanding business concepts in English and Hungarian.
I do not live in Hungary. Can I still apply?
No. The program is aimed at Hungarian women and permanent residents of Hungary, who plan to implement a business in the country.
Hungarian Grantee of the AWE Program
Hungarian Grantee of the AWE Program